Square Shingle

square shingle4x4®Shingle square; bituminous water insulation mat with plastomeric modification, fiberglass carrier, mineral surface, sand coated underside. Roof water insulation mat which is used as the final coating at inclined roofs. Easy application, decorative appearance. Does not stick or slide during application with its sanded underside.4x4®Shingle square color choices as green, red, grey, shaded ones of these colors and customized colors. Flexible with high resistance against hot and cold. 4x4®Shingle square, provide perfect adhesion and waterproofing with SBS modified adhesion tapes.




» Flexible up to 180 degrees down to -5 C.
» All shingle types, including oxide ones, are completely blended with asphalt and filler material. 4x4 Shingle products are polymeric modified and asphalt polymer coated using technologies appropriate to asphalt.
» Has single phase polymeric behavior which provides high lifespan and heat resistance.
» Binding chemistry is specially adjusted.
» Gives effective results at high and low temperatures.
» Appropriate to all kinds of roofs. Can be adapted to complex roof forms, curvilinear surfaces as dome and vaults.
» Aesthetical with its fragmented texture and attractive colors. Easy and fast application.
» Resistant against hot and cold weather changes.
» Elastic structure which does not break.
» Roof appearance is completed with a single material. Different materials are not needed for details like roofing leads, inclined eaves, wall-chimney junctions.
» A light material with approximately 7-8 kg/m2 (Sapphire: 6.55- Round: 7.79- Square: 8.34) weight. Puts very low load on roof construction.
» Resistant against bad weather conditions and wind. Does not rise.
» Not affected from ultraviolet light.
» Mineral stones on the surface do not depart.
» Lightweight, easy handling. No additional load on structure.
» Has different color and model choices.
» Aesthetic appearance with long-lasting colors.

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